Lambeth Budget Meeting: Liberal And Tory Speeches

I’ve been asked to post the lead speeches from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at the recent Full Council meeting to set Lambeth’s budget for 2011-12. The meeting was held in closed session after the council chamber was taken over by protesters.

Here is the speech from Cllr Julia Memery (Conservative, Clapham Common), who is deputy leader of the Tory group and finance spokesperson.

And here is the speech from the Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Ashley Lumsden. Cllr Lumsden was lead councillor for finance during the Tory-Liberal administration of 2002-2006, when council tax was hiked by 40%, £3m was lost in fraud in the Housing service and the borough was left with next to nothing in reserves.

The speech from Labour leader Cllr Steve Reed has already been posted here.


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One response to “Lambeth Budget Meeting: Liberal And Tory Speeches

  1. Paul Harrison

    Thank you for sharing these. I believe that it is a shame that the people of Lambeth were unable to hear these speeches by the various politicians. It is a very useful service for them to be put on you tube.

    The Conservative lady spoke with passion, but her argument is weakened when you consider where the origin of this reduced spending policy is coming from.

    The Liberal gentleman’s speech is difficult to hear. Why is there such much noise in the background? Who are the other people shouting? I thought that this was a closed meeting. Some of the interference is incredibly damaging for democracy. The call for “resign” is a poor reflection from the public gallery. Whoever shouted it should apologise.

    Many thanks again for sharing these.

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