Steve Reed’s Budget Speech To Lambeth Council

It has been reported, and I have commented here, on the way Lambeth Council’s meeting to set a legal budget, faced with massive Tory Lib Dem government cuts, was disrupted by protesters. Council then met in closed session, in the Assembly Hall of Lambeth Town Hall. Five speeches of the planned 41 were made before the budget was voted on.

Contrary to claims made by Lib Dem leader Cllr Ashley Lumsden, and his heir abhorrent, Cllr Steve Bradley, Labour councillors did not laugh and clap as the budget was voted on. This recording made in the meeting of Labour leader Cllr Steve Reed’s speech gives an impression of the tone of the meeting.



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3 responses to “Steve Reed’s Budget Speech To Lambeth Council

  1. Paul Harrison

    It appears that the recording has a slight technical problem. The sombre reaction of those present has sadly been cut off at the end. Please can you post up the full recording without this error?

    Thank you.

  2. cllrmarkbennett

    Listened again, no technical problem I am aware of. Shall I post the ‘sombre’ reaction of Liberal Democrat councillors to Cllr Lumsden’s sophism?

  3. Paul Harrison

    Yes, please do post Cllr Lumsden’s speech as well. Do you have a recording of the Conservative Party representative?

    The problem I experienced with the Labour man is that you couldn’t hear the reaction once he had finished talking.

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