“We Betrayed The People Who Voted For Us”: Another Lib Dem Resignation

Cllr Gavin Chambers

In the words of W S Gilbert, now give three cheers and one cheer more – for Cllr Gavin Chambers. He’s a parish councillor on Buckhurst Hill Parish Council in Essex, the latest in a lengthening line of people who have decided  the Lib Dems are no longer for them.

Cllr Chambers has given the forthcoming referendum on the Alternative Vote as his principal reason for doing so, saying: “I have decided to stand as an independent. I disagree with the party leadership over their support for the Alternative Voting (AV) system. I think that it would be very expensive, difficult to work out and is unnecessary as the system which we have works.”

He added, on the general direction of the Lib Dems in government: “We made promises that we did not keep. We betrayed the people who voted for us. When they voted for us we were a very different party.”

“Nick Clegg said there would be no raise in tuition fees and he has gone back on that. I think that as an independent I will be better able to stand up for the people on my ward and to provide a critical voice on the council.”

A courageous stand and well done.

Here’s the short compilation I made of the statements of councillors leaving the Lib Dems since the general election.



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3 responses to ““We Betrayed The People Who Voted For Us”: Another Lib Dem Resignation

  1. Mark Scott

    Clearly the loss of such a high-ranking LibDem will rock the party to its foundations.

  2. cllrmarkbennett

    Is that snobbery?

  3. Gavin Chambers

    Yes pure snobbery everyone starts some where Mr Scott.

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