In Praise Of Lib Dems

Ex Lib Dems that is. The ones who have seen the light, smelled the coffee, had a Damascene conversion and walked away from the burning pyre of plastic principles.

There has been a steady stream of resignations and floor-crossings in past months, and I’ve lost track of most of them. I did a Google search on ‘Lib Dem councillor’, and the choices that eminent search engine presented are shown here.

Quite an exodus going on it seems. It’s hard to blame people for leaving a party they joined thinking it was one thing (whatever that thing was – answers on a postcard to Mr N Clegg, Cupboard Under Stairs, 70 Whitehall, London SW1A 2AS), only to find after May last year that it was to become quite another (i.e. a liberal veil for the ideological destruction of the public sector by gleeful Tories).

It was encouraging, though not surprising, to hear news yesterday from Stockport, a town I know well, that two Stopfordian Lib Dems, Councillors David White and Roy Driver, both of Davenport and Cale Green ward, had decided enough was enough. The two will sit as independents on Stockport Council.

Roy Driver said: ‘I cannot in all integrity support a Conservative agenda. A Labour government would resolve the economic problems by reducing the deficit in a fair and manageable way, promoting business by a growing economy, providing jobs for people and delivering effective public services for all the people. They will protect the old, the poor and all working people and not cut public service to give tax cuts to the rich. This was what the Liberal Democrats used to believe in’.

A wise and refreshing approach to independence in my view.


Since I wrote the above earlier today, it has been announced that Reddish North Lib Dem councillor Anne Graham has also chosen to quit the Lib Dems and go independent. I gather, reading this explanation from Andrew Gwynne MP, that applications are being made to join the Labour Party.


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