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The Streatham Hub

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I gave an undertaking to publish the text of my motion to the Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee this evening. They also look at Cultural Services (leisure centres, libraries, crematoria and so on). As I’m not a member of the committee (they scrutinise my doings as a Lambeth cabinet member) I could only suggest a form of words. But with one welcome tweak (thanks to Conservative Cllr Clare Whelan – ‘sympathises with’ rather than ‘notes’), the committee then proposed and passed the motion unanimously.

Anyway, here is the text of the agreed motion, which I hope speaks for the people of Streatham.

The Committee sympathises with the continuing frustration of the people of Streatham that an agreement between Lambeth Council and Tesco Plc has yet to be reached for the acceptable development of the Streatham Hub.

We note with concern and disappointment the absence of Tesco at the recent public meeting organised by Streatham Action and call upon Tesco to give a firm and public commitment to the future of the Streatham Hub scheme.

We further call upon senior Tesco representatives to attend a special scrutiny meeting to be held at an early date following Tesco’s March board meeting to answer questions from the Streatham community and councillors. Relevant Lambeth Cabinet members should also attend to answer questions.

We call upon Tesco to reaffirm their commitment to continuity of ice rink provision in Streatham and to honour its promises to provide a new ice rink and contribute towards a leisure centre, promises which were accepted by the people of Streatham in good faith – and which should be delivered in the same spirit.

Finally, we note with concern the closure of Streatham Leisure Centre due to the deterioration of the building and urge Cultural Services officers to pursue and deliver the provision of satisfactory temporary facilities in Streatham.


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