November Videos

You’ve seen my little film of the London to Brighton Vintage Car Run, and I know it has been posted elsewhere. I’m glad it has pleased so many people.

I’ve been taking the camera out to some other events this month. Not every event I attend, but some of the highlight occasions I’d like to record in my own way. At some events I attend, it’s not always appropriate to appear with a camera.

A few films are still in the pipeline (‘post-production’ as the professionals say) and when they are complete I’ll post them here. I have some others planned for what I call my spare time. I edit them together myself, and generally do the filming.

I can’t always do all the filming, for example when I have a role at the event, as with this film about Remembrance Sunday in Streatham where I was laying a wreath. The film explains who else was behind the camera. One person, a friend, I can thank – but the other is anonymous and probably long dead.

I did film all of this one, which was fun and challenging. It’s the firework display on Streatham Common. If you’ve ever tried to film or photograph fireworks, you’ll understand why. You never quite know whether you have the pyrotechnics framed properly from one moment to the next.


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