Operation Stillwater: Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour In Brixton


Brixton Tube

Brixton Tube

With my Lambeth community safety hat on, I’m pleased to see a new partnership operation (Met police and Labour council) getting underway to reduce anti-social behaviour in central Brixton. 

To explain, I’ll quote the joint press release which has been sent out: “Operation Stillwater will be used to reduce unacceptable behaviour including urinating in public, indecent exposure, taking or selling drugs, bad language, and loud music. The operation builds upon the work carried out by the Brixton town centre police following the arrest of a number of crack dealers in Coldharbour Lane and the subsequent introduction of a dispersal zone in May, 2009. 

“The operation will begin with an information campaign during which leaflets will be distributed, setting out what the community has identified as unacceptable behaviour during consultation meetings. This will be followed by a period of enforcement, when powers under Section 30 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 will be used to direct people away from the area who are engaged in anti-social behaviour.” 

This operation is one of a number aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour across Lambeth. In this case, we are ready and determined to use our powers to make Brixton a safer place. Our aim is to protect the law-abiding majority of residents and visitors who find antisocial behaviour – of any kind – unacceptable. My message to wrongdoers is simple – don’t degrade yourselves, and don’t degrade our borough.



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3 responses to “Operation Stillwater: Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour In Brixton

  1. David Chambers

    And where did the drug dealing go ? Into the my front garden and those of my neighbours. Stillwater has merely displaced drug dealing from centre of Brixton to the residential streets nearby, making the lives of families who live in the area a nightmare.

    Vocal mass complaints by the community have led to the intensive involvement of all three Coldharbour councillors, GLA member Val Shawcross, and various senior police officers, up to and including the Borough Commander, who has taken rapid steps to mitigate the situation temporarily.

    Councillor, a modest suggestion: I suspect that not all the crack dealers of Brixton stay up to date with your blog. I suggest you come down to my house – around say 2am – and tell them face-to-face not to degrade themselves. It will be time well-spent: there are usually several really hard core professional crack dealers on duty, so you can catch them all at once.

  2. cllrmarkbennett

    I’d be happy to come round to your house. Incidentally, I have also been involved, with the Borough Commander, in seeking to solve the problem.

    • David Chambers

      Councillor Rachel Heywood has arranged a public meeting on Monday 5 Oct at the Town Hall, 630pm to 8pm. It will be attended by Police & Lambeth Council people concerned with public safey and ASB.

      I have asked her to invite you, in case you did not know about the meeting.

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